About BSA Troop 39


To develop leadership skills, strong moral character, and scoutcraft skills in the boys of our surrounding community.  Now, more than ever, America needs the leadership qualities, citizenship awareness, and character development that Boy Scouting can provide.


  • To develop leadership skills through a clearly-defined training program that provides written documentation, mentoring, and life challenges that teach these skills
  • To develop team build through the patrol method of Scouting.
  • To develop ethical character and integrity through Boy Scouting programs and mentoring to Cub Scouts.
  • To develop scoutcraft skills such as first aid, lashing, compass, and basic survival skills.
  • To provide adult leader training for a safe and fun Scouting experience.
  • To develop meaningful ceremonies (‘rites of passage’) to signify to the Scout and his peers, that has moved on to the next development level and status.
  • To encourage community service projects in which the scout interacts with others and offers a helping hand to those who need it.  “The greatest among you will be a servant.”

Six Critical Elements of Healthy Youth Development

  1. Strong personal values and character.
  2. Positive sense of self worth and usefulness.
  3. Caring and nurturing relationships with parents, other adults and peers.
  4. A desire to learn.
  5. Productive/creative use of time.
  6. Social Adeptness.
Variables derived from work compiled by the Search Institute and Carnegie Council on Adolescent Development. Quoted in the BSA’s NE Georgia Council 2002 Friends of Scouting flyer.